Today, I’m thinking…..Perception

Good Morning Fam!

perceptionSo, today, I’m thinking…Perception. Due to the way my personality is set up (lol); I would tend to perceive things wrong. Some would’ve & have called me a bit of a pessimist; a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy. I’d learned to get past the gloomy disposition, but fighting this mind was/is another story! I’ve learned that the disappointments in my life have bred contempt – a mix of the basic emotions disgust and anger; which in turn caused me to operate in constant pessimism. I was disgusted with me and never felt worth anything. Broken promises, dashed dreams, failure to launch, loneliness = disappointment #FREEDOM

I have had so many failures or what I perceived as failures in my life. I have had many opportunities and I’ve embarked on taking advantage of these opportunities only to be disappointed in the end. You know how you fall into that “I just can’t win for losing mentality?” Well, yeah! So much so I’d stopped looking for the opportunities because I just didn’t want to be disappointed anymore.

There is a lot that I still don’t understand, and many areas that I absolutely need to see “breakthrough”, but pondering this today actually brings a bit of peace to the scenario for me. I’ve struggled a lot with the repeated perception that “I missed it…AGAIN” and have felt gun-shy about stepping out on what “felt right” because what “felt right” in the past didn’t seem to “turn out right”.  I am realizing today that maybe it was all a misperception. Perhaps, I didn’t miss it all but actually hit the bulls-eye that I didn’t even realize existed?

Still the question remained in my mind. If seeking the Lord means seeking His presence; aren’t we always in the presence of the Lord? If God is omnipresent and therefore always near everything and everyone and I am before Him; doesn’t that mean I am seeking Him? Yes and No…..He is always present with us in the sense of His covenant with us, but there is a sense in which God’s presence is not with us. That’s why the bible tells us to consistently seek Him. God’s manifest, conscious, trusted presence is not our constant concern or experience which relieves US from his presence. These are the seasons we become engulfed in our lives and become neglectful of the Lord and give Him “what’s left” and His face becomes hidden behind our carnal desires. The seek calls us to the consciousness of His supreme greatness, glory and presence in every aspect of our lives FIRST!

I’m thinking now that maybe my perceived failure was just failure to see the intended purpose behind the “failures”. You just CANT allow your perception to be changed by your disappointment and doubt! #FREEDOM

Hmmmm…..that’s all I have for right now…Still thinking….what do you think?

Much Love,




God’s Worshipper!

Hey Fam!

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Much Love,


Today, I’m thinking……MAINTENANCE

Good Morning Fam!

It has been a long while since I’ve written, but I feel a SHIFTTING! God has restored! I’m back!

For the past 5 days our church has been on a consecration; just juice & water. Although, I was traveling for work I was determined to do it! Determined to come for the loosing of the bands of the wicked off of my family! For the past 3 day my church (Overflow Ministries) has been in Prayer, Healing & Deliverance services with Dr. Robbi Warren. I missed 2 days due to work, but was present and ready last night! While ministering, I was praying and calling out the names of my family members, before I knew it deliverance hit MY FAMILY! PRAISE GOD! After service, we received instructions and of course; I came home, wrote it down & prayed over the instructions to receive the “how” on carrying it out.

I’ve been up since EARLY (LOL) thinking, praying, thanking and worshiping! Yall, know how I get….Ive gotta share what nuggets came from it!

SO TODAY, I’M THINKING……MAINTENANCE! This won’t be short and sweet like me ;-), but it’ll be big and full of goodness….like me ;-)!

After we receive from the Lord; deliverance, WE must maintain it! We must guard it! We must not allow the enemy to come and steal this precious gift! Many times, we as Christians, don’t want to work for what we have. Entitlement has crept in on us and we look for God to do all of the work. God has done the work and its complete. We must stay the course, follow instructions, MAINTAIN & GROW in God!

Firstly, we MUST Remain connected. First Peter 5:8 warns us that our adversary is seeking whom he may devour. One of his primary targets is a believer who does not have the proper spiritual connection or covering in two areas:

**Leadership. God gave gifts (the fivefold ministry) to the church for the maturity of the saints (see Eph. 2:20). Individual believers need to be touched by each of the fivefold ministries of the church–including the apostolic and prophetic ministries.

**Fellowship. God warns us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together (see Heb. 10:24-25). Those who allow themselves to be separated from the flock will be devoured!

Secondly, you MUST SEPARATE yourself from the accursed thing. In the days of Joshua, the Israelites were known as people of victory. They were famous for deliverance. But their challenge was dealing with the spoils of their victory.

In Joshua’s case, God commanded that they not take any of the enemy’s goods (see Josh. 6:18). The four lepers who sat at the gate of Samaria were to take of the goods, but hoarding them would cause them to lose their deliverance (see 2 Kin. 7).

When God has delivered you and you obtain victory in an area of your life, you must have an ear to hear the further instructions of the Lord.

When you get saved and delivered, you do not join a club membership; you enroll in the greatest army ever! God is taking His people from a “membership mentality” to a “warfare mentality” (see Judg. 3:1).

Nextly, (yall like that word don’t ya lol) we MUST STUDY the Word of God. 2nd Timothy 2:15 says that if you study the Word of God, you will not be ashamed. It also says that studying the Word will give you the ability to rightfully divide the word of truth.

The urgency of studying the Word is made clear in the story of Hymenaeus and Philetus (see 2 Tim. 2:16-18). They made an error concerning the truth that caused them to lose their deliverance and to be turned over to Satan.

Their sin was said to be blasphemy. According to 2 Timothy 2:16, vain babblings will increase and lead to more ungodliness. When you do not rightfully divide the truth, it will devour your deliverance.

You MUST BREAK old ties and soul ties. Second Corinthians 5:17 describes true deliverance. Old things are passed away; all things are new!

Romans 12:2 says to be “transformed” into the image of Christ and not “conformed” to the image of the world. The image of the world represents what you’ve come out of. The image of Christ is what you are moving toward.

The “new man” will not fit over the old man. Just like a floor that must be stripped and buffed before it is waxed, you must be stripped of every troubling sin or weight. This isn’t a “Bath Fitter” deliverance that’ll “fit” over top of the old! You MUST stay away from the thing from which you have been delivered (see Heb. 12:1).

THIS right here is IMPORTANT! Guard your thought life. So a man thinks… know the rest! You are only as delivered as you think you are (see Prov. 23:7).

My strongest bondages were in my mind! Fighting myself. Not letting go. Not knowing who and how vauable I was! God himself SET ME FREE, but I was bound in my mind. I couldn’t see me as He saw me!

The enemy would tell me; you’re not worth it. Take what you can get. Its too late for you. You’re too old. No man will ever love you beyond what you do for Him. You’re not good enough. You don’t sing well enough. No point in fighting, just give yourself to Him. You’re spoiled goods. I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON!

When the enemy spoke; his voice was so much louder because I believed him. God said that we would know His voice and this would help us not to follow the enemy (see John 10:5) but I couldnt hear past what I thought of myself!

People think that when the devil speaks to them, something is wrong. But if he is speaking to you, you are doing something right! You’re a threat!

Take responsibility for your deliverance. Once you have submitted yourself to God, learn to resist the devil. If you do, he must flee! (See James 4:7.)

The devil is not trying to talk you out of what you do not have. He is targeting you because you have something he wants. You threaten his plan!Guard your thought life from the enemy. He wants to confuse you and cause you to doubt your purpose in God. Any voice that does not speak the truth (the Word) is of the devil.

When the children of Israel were delivered from Egypt, their greatest challenge was coming out of a bondage mentality. When God sets us free, the enemy attempts to get us to remember the good things about our former bondage because he wants to make serving God seem harder. He wants us to revert to whats familiar. He plays on the fear in us of the unknown! Perfect LOVE casts out ALL fear! Accept the love of Christ over ALLLLLL you suffer from!

We must move forward! People who are stagnant spiritually have no prophetic insight. Go forth based on the word of the Lord that has been given to you. We have HOPE! A wise man (he knows who he is) once asked me a question, “Do you have hope that this can change?” “If you have no hope, you have nothing” That hit me hard and made me think! If I have Christ and He is the HOPE of Glory, I have HOPE!

Your faith must stand trial. The Lord spoke to Moses and told him to tell the people to move forward (see Ex. 14:15). They could not be concerned about the Red Sea in front of them. It always takes faith to move forward. Lot was delivered out of Sodom and commanded never to look back. When his wife looked back, she lost her deliverance (see Gen. 19:27).

Obstacles will attempt to make you doubt. Soul ties will make you want to look back. Always remember that Jesus is the Author and Finisher of your faith. He brought you out, and surely, He will take you in!

The enemy tempted Jesus, and no matter how anointed you are, he will continue to tempt you, also. But when temptation comes to steal your deliverance know tgat God is there!

Deliverance is for everyone! And as God’s agents on earth, we have authority to defeat and destroy the enemy and his spirits whenever we encounter them. Weapons will form against us, but they will not prosper because we possess an arsenal on the inside of us that will annihilate darkness.


Much Love!

Today, I’m thinking…..Trust

Hey Fam!

This will be a quick, short, sweet but powerful (like me lol) post!

Today, I’m thinking…..Trust. So after a very long hiatus, I write…….

There has been alot going on in my life since my last writing; most of which was the reason for my not writing lately. A tumultous time of discovery, disappointment after disappointment & pressing. I woke up this morning totally exhausted; after a night of about 4 solid hours of sleep. I got up for prayer, my solace and after, I was feeling a lot better about my current situation: God has a way of doing that to me 🙂 Anyway, after some time a thought popped in my head “The only way to live without regret is to trust Me”…….trust…. #AHardPlace

Trust is a continual process for me! My past sufferings make it hard to trust whats not in my hands, so God saying that to me opened up the floodgates of tears within me and all I could do was sob & worship! I only know one place to run when Im feeling overwhelmed; into the arms of God!

No successful relationship can survive and thrive without trust. It is the single most important thing to have! Lack of it says; lack of intimacy, respect & integrity. Lack of those things lead to lies, spying, jealousy, frustration, immaturity, infidelity, and so on! The bottom line, lack of trust is without a doubt the biggest reason relationships don’t last! I refuse to be the reason my life can’t be lived without regret & If I leave this life devoid of the “happiness” we all seek, I will regret nothing KNOWING my life was hidden in Christ through total trust!

With that said; Father, I apologize for my mistakes and I take responsibility for my actions, decisions and my failure to truly trust you! I realize in my quest for you I have come up short in many areas, but you never failed to trust my word to you! Holy Spirit I give you access to even that part of my life!  I thank you for trusting me with your giftings and talents! I will pursue with an unrelenting grasp TRUSTING that YOU and YOU alone are responsible for me! I trust that!

Where does your trust lie? Are you living a life without regrets?

Much Love,


Today, I’m thinking…..Do we really know?

Hey Fam!

Today, I’m thinking….. Do we REALLY know? Do we really know what we are saying? “I Give Myself Away” keeps ringing in my spirit today. Do I really? Am I really ready to accept that in this moment,  its not about me? Am I ready to accept that its not about my emotions,  my wants & desires? Do I really know what “giving myself away” means?

Lord, if you would please take this cup of suffering from me,  but wait….its not about me…what do you want? {Luke 22:42 in my own words :-)} This is the ultimate example of giving myself away! Im on my way to death at the hands of men that mock & scorn me, nevertheless I do it because I give myself away so that you can be glorified! Not my will Lord,  but in all, I do it for your glory. 

Be careful that the words coming from your lips aren’t lies.  Be prepared for every word spoken to be tested. In the midst of facing a “hard thing”, will your life mirror the selfless life of Christ or are your desires mixed in so much that its hard to differentiate? Yes, He will give us the desires of our hearts so its great to have them, but dont forget there is a pre-requisite….TAKE DELIGHT IN THE LORD! (Psalms 37:4) In the suffering, in the turmoil AND in the wonderful things a life in Christ offers! SEEK HIM FIRST and all else will be added (Matt. 6:33)… careful what you speak. ..hmmm…well that’s what Im thinking today….what are YOU thinking?

Today, I’m thinking…..Moving or Transitioning?

Good Afternoon Fam!

Well, I had been asking for it and GOD DID IT! I’d been asking Him to change my identity and get me together. I knew my time was coming and I knew that I couldn’t go the way that I was…I wanted it! I was very apprehensive, but I wanted it! GOD IS DOING IT!!!! Today, I’m thinking…..Moving or Transitioning?

This process has BEEN TUMULTUOUS to say the least; a never-ending geyser of issues, but HE’S got me!! Change is NOT easy especially for someone who is very content with things staying just as they are…like ME! I was caught at a train stop; it was moving, but only forward then backward…never getting anywhere and  DEFINITELY not moving out of my way! The Lord began to speak to me – “Stop asking me to MOVE you and ask for TRANSITIONING” Be specific in what you ask for in prayer!

Movement is just that…being in motion. To move you don’t have to have a purpose and it doesn’t always mean that you will actually go from one place to another. Transitioning is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another! #TransitionMeLord!

I encourage you to not just MOVE, but Transition into your PURPOSE! Go Get it in this season **Props to Mary, Mary :-)**! God is transitioning those that are ready for it! BE PURE in your walk with Christ! He wants us to have EVERY PROMISE, but we have to be ready for it! We have to be willing to make the sacrifices needed. YOU are the only one that stands in the way of your issue and the promise! TRANSITION out-of-the-way and allow God to bless you according to HIS STANDARD of blessing; where NO sorrow is added to it!

Adhering to the will of God for your life may not be easy, but it’s necessary!

~Much Love~

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Today, I’m thinking….HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

Hey fam!

Instead of waking up jubilant on my birthday; ready to celebrate another year of life, I havent been to sleep! I’ve been taking inventory! Birthdays are supposed to be one of the most anticipated days of the year, it’s the day a person celebrates life and lets loose, it’s a day of jubilant celebration shared with friends and family, or privately, but for some, birthdays are not greeted with the same anticipation and glee. Normally, my birthday was announced like a national holiday! I wouldn’t let you forget MY BIRTHDAY! This year was different…BUT GOD!

Shameful, worthless life- Some people may look at their life and feel as though it has been a waste, as if they have not achieved much of anything & celebrating another birthday is nothing more than a reminder of failure, of what has not been accomplished. Painful…even depressing! I found myself there….So, I went to God! I know where to go! #PraiseGod

As I began to complain to God about what I wasn’t happy with and the fact that I’d like to move my birthday to a later date; a date that I felt I’d feel better by (LOL…we are funny aren’t we?!) HE REMINDED ME THAT THERE IS NO FAILURE….IN HIM…In ME, there will be many failures! Many things that I will feel aren’t in place and there will be many things that I will not accomplish, but the one thing that I could be sure of is that HE KNOWS MY END FROM MY BEGINNING & I AM RIGHT WHERE HE WANT ME TO BE!  Simply put, I am because of Him & my right to complain about that is non-existant!

After all of that I realized I AM NOT YET PERFECTED! I can LIVE and LOVE…flaws and all! I don’t have to be the epitome of all that is right and holy! #WeightLifted! Where did that mentality come from?! GLADLY, I BREATHED and LET GO of my “failure is not an option” mentality! See, failure IS an option in life, but it’s not my end! I may have failed, but I AM NOT FAILURE! 

As I embark on this new year of life I encourage myself to accept my failures as the stepping stone to success that they are! Without failure I couldn’t see accomplishment! I encourage YOU on MY Birthday….LIVE as God has intended you to and take your failures to Him in prayer so that He can show you the lesson on the road to success!  What does success look like for you?  For me? It looks like a life Crucified,  buried, raised & seated IN Christ; walking in every privilege & promise!  Like royalty…I’m entitled to it just because of my father’s name!


Much Love!

Today, I’m thinking….. MY 14

Hey Fam!

So, Yeah…this 14 has me TORE UP!!!! Most of you will know exactly what I am talking about, but to bring you that don’t know into the world of 14 here goes; the Short and Sweet of it – on Sunday, March 9th Overflow Ministries Covenant Church was BLOWN AWAY with the number 14!! Let me see if I can get the order of events correct; there was so much going on I may mix it up, but you WILL get the gist! LOL In worship God SHIFTED the atmosphere! A NOTABLE changed ocurred in the service and God took us to another realm! We could hardly move on in service, but we tried! A word was given by Prophet Montez Sorrells regarding the number 14! God was saying 14. Based in Ephesians 6:8 (which equals 14 by the way!!!!) HE SAID ALOT YALL, but basically EXPECT it in 14 Seconds, 14 days, 14 Hours, 14 months – WHATEVER expect it in 14!

We did offering and about 14 minutes later…..A mother stood up and testisfied regarding her daughter’s transportation situation due to a car accident. She went on to say that her daughter was looking for another car and was having some difficulty finding one. She also stated that she hadn’t driven in years and didn’t think that her credit was even good enough to help…long story short….IT WAS! She was approved for a Chrysler 300 and GAVE it to her daughter! A word came regarding THAT being an approved purchase by God and that she would not fret a bit over the payments or anything else regarding that car!  Not 14 SECONDS later someone stood to pay the 1st car note on the car – THIS STARTED a WILDFIRE REACTION OF 14! EVERY 14 SECONDS SOMEONE WAS STANDING TO PAY A NOTE, GAS, CARDS, CAR WASHES AND MAINTENANCE ON THAT CAR! YALL 50 SOMETHING PAYMENTS WERE MADE ON THAT CAR! Not 14 seconds after that other stood to bless those that gave and their families and so on and so on til my head was hurting!!! It was awesome!!!! 3 cars were given away, tuition for school, more gas, more maintenance just blessing after blessing after blessing!!!

THIS is where MY 14 STARTS! 14 days before that a word was given by Prophet Kevin Leal that Supernatural giving would begin to take place in Overflow; I wasnt even there, but walked in to see my husband plege a faith amount that the prophet said the LORD would give us to give! Seven days after THAT; my husband and I were given a word that in 14 days God was going to release something in our lives & we would would have our faith amount PLUS! The very next week the ABOVE happens!!! 14!

Well, when we received our word about the 14 days; it struck FEAR in me! I did all that I could to receive the word, but I couldn’t fully because of the fear I was experiencing! I prayed and told the Lord he KNEW he would have to help and he KNEW why! I left that service shaking and praying! TODAY, while meditating on the word, God took me back 14 years by taking me to a passage in my book. I hadn’t even realized that it was 14 years ago (14 years and 10 months to be exact) See, 14 years ago we received the SAME WORD! 14 days God was going to release something; it was going to be big; God was going to blow our minds, etc….well, 14 days later…..I lost my son. Needless to say…”14 days” had negative connotations for me; heck after that PROPHECY itself was hard to receive! I kept praying that God would help me to receive His perfect love to cast away that fear and walked in service SUNDAY to experience all of that!! When Prophet Montez gave his word; the Lord said to me…I am taking away the fear! I began to feel a little better. THEN Deacon Buck took the mic and SAID GOD WAS REMOVING FEAR!!! THE CHAINS BROKE OFF INSTANTLY AND I was able to receive!!!
14 years of doubt and unbelief! Not being able to fully receive the word of the Lord for my life! Living holy and not because I couldn’t truly believe! One service, one shift, one word…changed my life!

Yall, I don’t even know how to end this post; I’m shaking on the inside and I just want to scream!  so I am just going to end it now….


Much Love,

Today, I’m thinking….Transition

Hey Fam!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything; I really haven’t been in the mood and couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until this morning after a wonderful time of Prayer, Praise and Worship that the Lord spoken to me TRANSITION. This is gonna be short n sweet….like me! 🙂 I think….it may be long and loud like my friend ;-)…we’ll see ♡

I don’t have anything “deep” to say this morning except WOW God! Thank you for clarity! Did you know that the Transition phase of the birthing process is the phase that is most painful? I didn’t either, but I surely can concur! This is the phase where your body is transitioning from carry to birth. Contractions are coming FASTER & HARDER! Your body is making room for something the size of a watermelon to pass through an opening the size of an egg! Dialtion. Painful process. Yeah, that’s why I haven’t felt like writing! Any mothers out there? Lol 😤Honey during this phase you had better be grateful that the Holy Spirit bridals the tongue and hold the hands…….down so that I don’t swing! Lolol but I’m serious 🙎

Yeah, it’s a painful, lonely process that no one can bare, but YOU! You have to endure and go through alone…maybe with your coaching partners cheering you on, but they can take the pain away! They can’t stop the process once it’s so far along except it’ll endanger your fetus, BUT….OH YES, THERE IS A BUT….Neither can they share in the feeling of victory, love, joy & peace when you see that beautiful baby born…and hold them in your arms…and nurture them! They can share in what they see, but because it isn’t their baby, they can’t feel what you feel! Yeah.

That’s what I’m looking forward to this morning as I sit on the edge of my bed feeling every pain of this birthing process! THE VICTORY! THE JOY! THE PEACE! It’s inevitable! It’s eminent!

Did you know that when that process is done and you hold that prize in your hands that most mothers forget the pain they just went through? So much so….They do it AGAIN & AGAIN O_O lol Yeah, it’s crazy, but I’m looking forward to that too! I’m so at peace with this process that there isn’t a sad tear! Only tears of joy and elation! Feelings of being proud of myself! Feelings of being broken FREE! Feelings of being♡ IN LOVE WITH GOD! ♡ Being so pleased with the prize at hand that I’m willing to go through it all AGAIN & AGAIN just to please HIM! Yeah….that’s what I’m thinking today! Transitioning. ..For HIS Glory! How are you feeling this morning!? SOUND OFF!


Much Love,

Today, I’m thinking. ….We Need Your Help!

Hey Fam!

A wonderful opportunity has come available! In case you didn’t know, I finished in the top 10 of The American Family Insurance Sing Your Dream Competition!  I have been invited to Atlanta to participate further! 


**WE NEED UR HELP** The I Have Heart Campaign is currently raising funds 2 help cover the cost of my trip 2 Atlanta 4 the Sing Your Dream Sing Off! This sing off will afford me the opportunity to minister to THOUSANDS: singing at The Superbowl Gospel Celebration with Tasha Cobbs! This is God’s word coming to pass!  He said he would set me before and connect me with GREAT men that will catapult me to the next level!  I believe I MUST GO!

To donate please txt, call 513 445 2390 or inbox 4 more info! Donations can also b made online at


Much Love,


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